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“Flower Bouquet” Digital Fine Art



Artistic Vision and Technique

As the original “FLOWER POWER” painting emerges as a canvas rich in color and joy, set against a backdrop of the layered white acrylic paint as does this Digital Fine Art explodes with the same color and joy. Working 30 years to extend the life of the paintings created by L.A. CLINE these Digital Fine Art pieces are prefect renditions.

The Creative Process

The creation of this pieces involved a playful scattering of individually hand-painted flowers from one hue to another, set against a diminishing white background. The painterly effect makes each flower distinct and lively connecting each of us to the beauty we have in our world.

Customization and Digital Fine Art Availability

“FLOWER BOUQUET” can be personalized to your taste. It is available as a truly beautiful 36″ X 36″, 3D rendition Digital Fine Art stretched canvas with 2″ stretchers also available framed for $400. The Digital Fine Art rendition is crafted with archival inks, acid free canvas and UV Protection, ensuring longevity. Custom commissions are also available in your chosen colors and dimensions.

Experience the Organic Beauty

The art of “FLOWER BOUQUET” captivates with its organic freedom, inviting viewers into its beautiful world. The arrangement of each hand-painted flowers, some overlapping, other standing alone, creates a dynamic, engaging visual experience. Continue to see the gorgeous silk Chiffon Scarf that matches this art. This art is a powerful statement of the world’s beauty, adds happiness and joy to any environment.

Made in the USA by Artist, L.A. CLINE

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