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“Happy Flowers” Digital Fine Art (Detail)


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Embrace the vibrancy of nature with “HAPPY FLOWERS” art.
This art is a celebration of nature’s beauty, expressed through L.A. CLINE’s Abstract Floral Designs.

Artistic Features of “HAPPY FLOWERS”

“Happy Flowers,” is an exciting example of an original acrylic painting that captures the beauty of nature through colorful abstract flowers. The artist skillfully employs different shapes and colors of acrylic painted flowers to create an eye-catching design that leaves the viewer in awe. The artwork’s layered composition is carefully crafted, with each layer brushed into place to create a sense of harmony and balance. The original painting was scanned to create this spectacular 20″ x 40″ digital fine art a perfect rendition.

Unique Features and Customization Options

This Digital Fine Art is crafted using archival inks on acid-free canvas, ensuring longevity. The artist’s attention to detail is evident with the design wrapping around the 2″ stretcher sides, which adds to the art’s aesthetic appeal. Whether you to commission a custom acrylic painting using your color palate and dimensions or this digital fine art version on stretched canvas with an optional white frame addition for $400, the vibrant beauty of “HAPPY FLOWERS” will remain a cherished possession.

Versatile and Luxurious Accessory

The original masterpiece has also been transformed into a beautiful elegant rectangular Silk Chiffon Scarf measuring, 22″ X 41″ to brighten and give new life to all you wear. This silk chiffon is lightweight and comfortable, making it an ideal accessory all year round. Take a look further in the Luxe Floral Gallery for more information. Treat yourself!

Made in the USA by Artist, L.A. CLINE

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